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Why Orthodontics Is An Investment Worth Making

Many parents are apprehensive about starting orthodontic treatment for their children. They imagine years of expensive bills on their doorstep alongside discomfort for their kids. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and here at iSmile Orthodontics we believe that every child’s health and future happiness is more important than money. That’s why we offer interest free payment plans to allow every family to invest in their children’s orthodontic treatment. Beyond a beautiful smile, the straightening of teeth has many more benefits and truly is an investment worth making.

Confidence booster
Many people undergo orthodontic treatment in their teen years; a time of self-consciousness for most of us. While this is unfortunate timing, the results will be worth it. When people are unhappy with their teeth, they typically try to hide them. This often means they avoid smiling (or at least smiling naturally). In social situations, this can lead to people not only feeling self-conscious but also losing their confidence. A straight smile is something your teen will be proud to show off the moment the braces are removed. This happy, healthy smile will carry them forwards into adulthood with confidence.

Research has shown that confident people have a number of advantages in life. They are more likely to have successful relationships, get promoted faster at work, are considered ‘attractive’ and are perceived by their peers to be generally successful in all areas of their lives. Of course, having straight teeth doesn’t necessary mean all these benefits will apply to everyone but in many situations, society’s perceptions are very powerful as well as empowering.

More than aesthetics
Many people assume that straightening teeth is all about aesthetics. While a perfect smile may be the most obvious result of orthodontic treatment, there are other benefits which are, arguably, more important. Straight teeth are healthier than crooked teeth in many ways and also offer some happy side-effects alongside their health benefits.

  • Straight teeth are easier to brush so oral hygiene is simpler to maintain – overlapping teeth are difficult and awkward to brush and enable food particles to get trapped more easily. Being able to brush every bit of each tooth reduces the risk of decay and gum disease. Gum disease not only affects our mouths but has also been linked to heart disease and other serious illnesses.
  • Straight teeth allow you to digest food better – chewing is the first step in the digestion process and straight teeth chew better than crooked ones. Well-chewed food allows our stomachs to get maximum nutrition and makes the digestion journey easier for our bodies.
  • Straight teeth can reduce or correct a speech impediment – lisps and other speech issues can be caused by misalignment and may be corrected or reduced by wearing braces.
  • Straight teeth can improve breathing – misaligned teeth can lead to open-mouthed breathing which can lead to snoring and sleep apnea.

It’s Worth The Investment
When it comes to your child’s health and future happiness, we understand that you’ll do anything. But that doesn’t mean you should pay ‘anything’. iSmile Orthodontics is committed to delivering affordable orthodontics to families in Caroline Springs and throughout Melbourne. Our payment plans are interest free and can be customised to suit you and your family. We put the health and happiness of each patient first and offer orthodontic treatments that can deliver that perfect, confident and healthy smile you know your child deserves.

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