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What can’t you eat with braces?

You may have just recently had braces put on, meaning you’re still not sure about what foods you can or can’t eat, or maybe you’re just looking for a refresher.

It’s important to know what you cannot eat as certain foods can damage your braces, which require repairs and may prolong your treatment.

Foods that are hard, sticky and chewy should all be avoided as they are the most prone to break or damage your braces.

List of foods and drinks to avoid while wearing braces

Hard foods

Foods that are hard, such as lollies, cookies, nuts and ice cubes should be avoided as biting down or chewing these foods can easily break or dislodge your brackets or archwire. Hard foods, in general, can also damage your teeth.

Chewy foods

If a food requires a lot of excessive chewing, it should also be avoided as this can put too much stress on the braces, causing them to break or dislodge. Chewy foods include chewing gum.

Crunchy foods

Crunchy snacks such as potato chips, ice, popcorn and pretzels are terrible for people wearing braces as they can dislodge brackets and the archwire quite easily.

Sticky foods

Foods that are sticky and very chewy such as caramel are terrible for braces, as sticky foods are usually sugary and get trapped between brackets and teeth. Sticky foods stick around in the mouth for longer, usually slowly releasing sugar, creating acids which increases the chances of tooth erosion and decay.

Sugary foods

Sugar is the prime culprit for causing acids inside your mouth, which causes tooth decay and erosion. Generally, it’s recommended to avoid sugary foods even when not wearing braces, however more than ever, it’s important to avoid sugary foods while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Seedy & hard fruits

Fruits that are hard, such as apples should be avoided, as well as fruits such as strawberries and watermelon which contain hard seeds.

Other foods that require biting

Foods such as corn on the cob, chicken wings, apples or raw carrots are terrible for breaking braces as they require a lot of biting.

Soft drinks & energy drinks

High sugar contents and acidity is what comes to mind when we think about soft drinks and energy drinks. They should be avoided to keep your braces and teeth safe.

Sparkling wines

Sparkling wine is high in sugars, acidity and carbonation, which is terrible for causing tooth decay and the problem known as “prosecco teeth” didn’t come from nowhere. Sparkling wines can actually slowly start pulling your teeth away from your gums.

If you don’t understand what you cannot eat with braces, it’s important to contact your orthodontist for more information. There’s a long list of foods that you should avoid, however, there is also a long list of safe foods to have.

What can you eat with braces?

Basically most foods that aren’t crunchy, sticky, seedy, hard, chewy, sugary or acidic are safe for people with braces.

Fruits and vegetables

You’re safe to fruits such as bananas, juices, avocado, smoothies, berries, fruit purees and other soft fruits without seeds. Vegetables that are soft such as mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables and beans are also safe.

Meats & poultry

It’s important to only have meat that is tender and soft, requiring little chewing. Examples include meatballs, cold cuts and sliced meats. Eggs are also a safe option.

Seafood products

Safe kinds of seafoods for you to enjoy include salmon, tuna, crab and other fish without bones.

Dairy products

Most dairy products are soft and safe for braces. Safe dairy for you includes yogurts, cottage cheese, soft cheeses and milk-based drinks.

Grain products

This includes slow-cooked rice, soft tortillas, muffins and pasta, as they are safe for you to eat, as long as they don’t contain nuts or other hard bits.


If you do want to enjoy some small sweet and sugary treats from time to time, then ice cream (without hard bits), milkshakes, soft cookies, jelly and plain chocolate are all great choices.


Soups are perfect for braces, as they are soft and easy to eat, requiring little to none chewing.

For more information on safe foods to eat, contact your orthodontist who can provide more information.

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