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What can you do about a crossbite?

What can you do about a crossbite

A crossbite is a common orthodontic issue that can, fortunately, be resolved in a number of ways.

A crossbite is an orthodontic issue that affects many people. The issue refers to a case in which the lower teeth cover one or more of the upper teeth when biting. This can cause some difficulty when biting and chewing, and may even make it difficult to maintain optimal oral hygiene as misaligned teeth can be quite difficult to clean. The good news is that there are a few treatments available when it comes to resolving this type of problem. Read on to find out more about what some of the possible symptoms of a crossbite are, and what you should do if you are struggling with this form of malocclusion.

What is a crossbite?

A fairly common form of malocclusion, a crossbite occurs when there is irregular contact between the upper and lower teeth. This means that some of the lower teeth cover one or more of the upper teeth when biting. The issue can happen in multiple places throughout the mouth.

A crossbite can be caused by a number of factors. These include genetic factors which cause a discrepancy between the size of the jaw and teeth; habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting; and premature loss of teeth.

If you have a crossbite, you might find that it is difficult to bite properly. You may also experience headaches and jaw pain because your bite is not properly aligned. People with this type of misalignment tend to be at greater risk of tooth decay because it can be difficult to thoroughly clean overlapping and misaligned teeth. In many cases, people with a crossbite are concerned about the cosmetic implications of the issue.

If you have a crossbite that affects the teeth at the back of the mouth, you may experience issues like grinding, jaw-related problems, issues related to facial development, as well as excessive wear and tear on the affected teeth.

What are the treatment options?

Fortunately, a crossbite can usually be effectively resolved with orthodontic treatment. If the issue is identified early, treatments like braces are often recommended in the childhood or adolescent years. In some cases, the treatment may involve an extraction of baby teeth before orthodontic treatment begins. This will create more space in the mouth before braces are placed.

Other orthodontic solutions that may be recommended for the treatment of a crossbite include the use of palatal expanders, which gradually widen the jaw; and headgear, which applies pressure to the teeth and adjusts the size of the jaw.

If you are struggling with a crossbite but never had the opportunity to undergo orthodontic treatment when you were younger, your orthodontist will let you know what your best option is. In the case of a mild misalignment, your orthodontist may recommend that you have braces placed. If your crossbite is considered severe, you may be a suitable candidate for jaw surgery.

How can you ensure an effective treatment?

No matter what kind of treatment your orthodontist recommends, it is important that you adhere to any instructions that they give you when it comes to taking care of your teeth throughout your orthodontic journey.

Try to maintain proper oral hygiene habits so that you can keep issues like tooth decay at bay. Although it can be challenging to get rid of food particles and plaque when you have braces, it is crucial that you do your best by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Speak to your orthodontist if you need some help or advice regarding proper hygiene techniques.

How can we help?

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