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How to Take Your Photos for the Smile Assessment orthodontics caroline springs

Preparation: Enlist the help of a friend or family member to take your photos. Stand in front of a plain background, like a blank wall, and ensure ample lighting for clear images.

  • Photo #1: Stretch your lips to each side and bite your teeth together, ensuring all teeth are visible. This helps us assess your bite.
  • Photo #2: Repeat the process, but this time with your teeth slightly apart, allowing us to see the edges of your teeth.
  • Photo #3 & #4: Assess your bite from both sides of your jaw. Stretch your lips to each side and bite down, capturing as many teeth as possible.
  • Photo #5: Face the camera, stretch your lips away, and open your mouth wide. Tilt your head backward to show your upper jaw, then downward for your lower jaw.
  • Photo #6: Hold the camera at eye level, facing straight ahead without tilting your head. Smile naturally with your teeth together.
  • Photo #7: Face the camera directly, relax your face without smiling or tilting your head.
  • Photo #8: Give a big smile, showcasing your teeth directly at the camera.
  • Photo #9: Turn to your right side without tilting your head and relax your face. Don't smile or tilt your head.
  • Photo #10: While in the same position, smile naturally with your teeth showing for a side profile view.

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