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Preparing For Your First Appointment

Are you due for your first appointment at iSmile Orthodontics? Or perhaps you’re about to bring your child for their consultation? Just like the dentist, we know people get nervous when it comes to visiting an orthodontist. But there is nothing to worry about and we hope this article puts your mind at rest. As well as reassuring teenage and adult patients, we’ve included some helpful tips for parents to help them prepare their children for their first orthodontic appointment.

What To Expect
This first meeting is a consultation. It is completely cost and obligation-free and takes approximately one hour. The aim of this consultation is to take a look at your teeth and talk to you about what you want from your orthodontic treatment. We take some photographs of your face and mouth, so we can better understand the alignment of your teeth but there are no invasive procedures. The consultation will be conducted by your assigned Treatment Coordinator and a Specialist Orthodontist.

There is a short examination where your orthodontist will look at your teeth. This is important because we need to make sure they are all healthy and also review your alignment. This doesn’t take long and just allows our experts to consider your treatment options with as much information as possible. The remaining time in your first consultation is dedicated to talking about what sorts of treatment we offer and how each one could help you get that perfect smile. We don’t need an answer on the spot and you are welcome to go away and think about the range of treatments offered to you.

Your first appointment is also a great place to ask any questions you may have. Remember, no question is bad or stupid. If you want to know the answer, your Treatment Coordinator or your Orthodontist will be happy to answer it. We want you to understand as much about your treatment as possible right from day one.

Preparing Your Child
It is always best to talk to your child ahead of their appointment rather than springing the visit on them. If they know what to expect ahead of time, they are less likely to be scared because, as we’ve shown, there’s nothing to be scared of. Children may not be able to recognise the value of the end result at a young age but as their parent you will understand the importance of orthodontic treatment.We do not recommend bribery as this can become a problem throughout the course of any treatment. Instead, explain the process to them as well as the fact that their teeth will become beautifully straight by the end of the treatment.

Every child’s first consultation will introduce them to our friendly Treatment Coordinators who have experience working closely with young patients. We give children a tour of our facilities, so they get to know iSmile just as we get to know their smile. The aim is to make them feel as comfortable as possible and make our treatment centre a safe space.

We hope you are feeling more confident ahead of your first appointment with iSmile Orthodontics. If you’ve not booked in yet, here’s the link to our appointment form so we can get you started on the road to your perfect smile. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

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