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Orthodontics At Any Age

There is a common misconception that braces and orthodontic treatment are for children and teenagers. Increasingly, however, here at iSmile Orthodontics we are seeing adults coming to treat their crooked teeth, improve their oral health and create that dazzling smile they always wanted. It is possible to undergo orthodontics at any age, so don’t think it’s too late. We specialise in family orthodontics and actively encourage parents and children alike to get treatment for the good of their health and their confidence. We have a range of kids braces and adult braces options to treat any misalignment problems.

Why Family Orthodontics?

Straightening your teeth is not all about that perfect smile. Straight teeth are also healthier and boost self-confidence. Improved oral health, reduced heart risk and better digestion are all linked to straight teeth. So if you didn’t have the option to undergo orthodontics as a child, why be denied that now? Or if you had kids braces but over time your teeth have moved back, why not correct them again? Adult braces are becoming increasingly popular and by offering discounts, we actively encourage family orthodontics. Additionally, malocclusions are often genetic. This means if you have crooked teeth or an overbite, it is likely that your children will too. If you have a large family and are faced with the cost of multiple sets of kids braces, we hope our family orthodontics options will help you financially.

Kids Braces

We can see children from the age of seven and upwards. By starting treatment early, we are able to undertake preventative orthodontic treatment. It is clear from the development of their milk teeth and through x-rays how your child’s teeth will develop. Some treatments at an early stage will reduce the length of time your child will need to wear their braces later in life, once all their adult teeth have erupted. Some minor issues may even be treated to avoid kids braces all together. The sooner you bring your child for their first, free consultation, the smoother their orthodontic journey will be.

Adults Braces

While adults can be fitted with traditional metal braces, many wish to have more a discrete orthodontic appliance. We are fully licensed Invisalign providers, the world’s most popular choice for invisible adult braces. Alternatively, we can use ceramic braces. These work the same way as metal braces but are made of an invisible material and therefore are far less noticeable. Since Invisalign has its limitations when it comes to severe malocclusions, sometimes adults need ceramic braces which offer a greater range of movement options.

If you, your children or your entire family are in need of orthodontic treatment, contact iSmile Orthodontics today. We offer a free consultation for every patient to allow us to assess your teeth and recommend any necessary treatment. Specialising in family orthodontics, iSmile welcomes all family members and works hard to make sure your appointments are conveniently scheduled as well as providing discounts for siblings and family members.

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