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Orthodontics and Teenagers

Few of our patients are enthusiastic about starting their orthodontic treatment but some are more resistant than others. Teenagers in particularly can be reluctant to wear visible braces for fear of teasing at school. However, it is important that crooked teeth are straightened not only to achieve that perfect smile but also to improve oral health and hygiene. If your teenager is particularly self-conscious, it may be worth considering invisible braces options such as Invisalign to make them feel more comfortable, all the while providing the necessary orthodontic treatment.

We offer two main types of invisible braces here at iSmile Orthodontics. Ceramic braces are very similar to metal braces but made from discrete, tooth-coloured material. They are a little more fragile and harder to clean than their metal counterparts which is why they are rarely used on children. However, teenagers who are responsible should be able to wear these invisible braces without any problems. Ceramic braces are able to achieve the same results and treat the wide range of issues that metal braces can.

The other treatment we can provide is Invisalign. These aligners are the most popular style of invisible braces but are slightly more limited in the problems they can fix. For mild to medium alignment problems, Invisalign is a valid option for self conscious teens looking to achieve their perfect smile. These aligners are created using 3D technology and high quality thermoplastic. Comfortable and invisible, Invisalign aligners are switched out every two weeks to gently encourage the teeth into the correct position. They also require fewer visits to the orthodontist and are ideal for busy teens.

The removability of Invisalign is often sold as a benefit but when it comes to teenagers, it is important to make sure they are responsible enough to wear the aligners for at least the recommended 22 hours per day. While the aligners can be removed to eat and even play sport, they must then be replaced promptly. If they are left out for too long, the teeth will begin to move back and that journey towards a perfect smile will be delayed.

Teenagers continue to be reluctant when it comes to orthodontic treatment, no matter how much you know they will appreciate and enjoy that confident, perfect smile at the end. Braces are becoming more and more common and therefore the stigma which was once attached is definitely disappearing. However, it is understandable that some teenagers do not wish to draw attention to their crooked teeth which is why we offer invisible braces at iSmile Orthodontics for those self conscious patients. Invisalign is sometimes chosen by keen sports players as well to enable them to continue their normal activities while undergoing treatment.

Not all brace types are suitable for every orthodontic problem. Therefore, it is important to talk through options with an orthodontist and listen to their advice when it comes to the most effective treatment option. If your teen is insistent on having invisible braces, be sure to select the right style for them which will deliver the most effective and fastest results. For more information, make an appointment to see an orthodontist at iSmile Orthodontics today.

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