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What Orthodontic Appliance is Right For Me?

Just like any dental or medical treatment, orthodontics is different for every person. That’s why iSmile Orthodontics works to provide a wide range of orthodontic appliances to correct any malocclusion or misalignment problem. From appliances designed to expand your palate or improve your bite right through to the retainers you will wear after treatment is finished, every aspect of your treatment at iSmile Orthodontics is tailored to suit your teeth and your lifestyle as you work towards that straight smile you always wanted.

Orthodontic appliances are often used before the main braces are fitted. While braces are very good at moving teeth into the correct positions, some straight smiles need a little more help. An appliance can be used to widen the jaw or correct an overbite/underbite. These are changes which braces cannot achieve on their own. Once the appliance process has been completed, you may already have a straight smile but if not, braces can be put on to complete the process.

If you need to wear an orthodontic appliance, it is probably because you have a severe alignment problem. Orthodontic appliances are often an alternative to surgery as adults and many children wear appliances as their bones are developing to make their future treatment faster. The Maxillary Expansion Appliance, for example, can widen the upper jaw palate to make room for the adult teeth. This can only be used on patients whose jawbones are still developing. There are many Functional Appliances which can be used to correct misalignment. They typically work to encourage the lower jaw to move forward, in the case of an overbite, or the upper jaw to move forward, in the case of an underbite.

The most common orthodontic appliance are retainers. These are used as the final stage of orthodontic treatment. Once your braces have been removed, you may be able to see that straight smile you always wanted but you need to work to keep it there. For the past year or two, your braces have been slowly moving your teeth into their new positions. We then need to hold the teeth in the correct placements for a period of time to allow the bone to fuse around the teeth.

We recommend all patients wear their retainers every night for at least one to two years, after which patients who underwent treatment as children and teenagers should only need to wear their retainers once a week. Adults bones often struggle to hold the teeth in their new positions, however, so many older patients are fitted with permanent retainers (small wires behind the teeth) to ensure their straight smile stays straight.

The range of possible orthodontic treatments now available at iSmile Orthodontics enables us to treat any orthodontic problem. We work to create the best treatment plan for you by assessing your mouth and teeth as well as talking with you about the results you wish to achieve. For more information and to find out about our services, make an appointment for your free consultation today.

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