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Invisalign’s 3D Technology

Invisalign & iTero’s 3D Scanner

Orthodontic services are benefiting from recent technological development. Invisalign retainers can be created using 3D technology based on 3D images; making the process of being fitted for your aligners quicker, easier and more precise than ever before. This technology also enables replacement aligners to be made immediately in the event of one being lost or broken so your treatment time isn’t extended. Comfortable, invisible and removable, no wonder Invisalign is a favourite amongst patients and orthodontists.

Patients like to see a projection of what their smile will look like after they have finished their orthodontic treatment and with Invisalign, this is possible. We can create a digitised graphic of the journey your teeth will take and their end position, so you can see the goal we are all working towards at the start of your treatment with us. This is just one of the great advantages of Invisalign and its digital technology which supports you and your orthodontist throughout the process.

Each Invisalign aligner, of which patients receive 12 to 48, depending on their treatment, is worn for approximately two weeks as it gently coaxes the teeth into their new position. With Invisalign, it is not necessary to sit for hours with uncomfortable and unpleasant-tasting moulding in your mouth to create these aligners. Instead, they are crafted by 3D technology based on 3D images of your mouth. The custom-made aligners are sculpted from a material designed by Invisalign called SmartTrack which is smooth and comfortable to wear. The scanners are also able to create multiple aligners at once so you don’t have to return to your orthodontist more than once every two months. We will give you several sets of Invisalign with instructions on how often to change over the aligners for a hassle-free treatment style.

Invisalign sets can be removed by the patient; a real selling point for this product. Take them out to eat, play sports and brush your teeth so your lifestyle needn’t be impacted by your orthodontic treatment style. However, it is inevitable that removed aligners are occasionally lost or damaged. In the event of this happening, iSmile will replace your aligners quickly and free of charge. We don’t want your treatment time to be lengthened because of a simple mistake. Thanks to Invisalign’s 3D technology, new aligners are quick and easy to make so your teeth won’t have a chance to move back.

Interested in Invisalign? Make an appointment with iSmile Orthodontics today and find out if this technologically superior style of braces is suitable for you. Our orthodontists offer Invisalign through our customised, interest-free payment plans too so they’re affordable for all patients seeking to achieve their perfect smile. Call today to book your free consult in one of our three Melbourne clinics.

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