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Do I need braces?

Braces can be used to address a range of orthodontic concerns.

Braces are a very popular orthodontic treatment and can be used to resolve several alignment and bite-related concerns. They are suitable for children, teenagers and adults and remain one of the most effective means of straightening teeth. If you are considering braces, but are not quite sure whether or not you are suited to the treatment, read on to find out what kinds of problems they can resolve and if they are right for your particular needs…

What are the signs that you need braces?

The signs that you may benefit from orthodontic treatment will depend on many factors, including your oral health, age and aesthetic goals. While braces are often highly effective in children and teenagers, adults can often benefit from the treatment as well.

If you have crooked or crowded teeth, you likely will need braces. Other signs that you could benefit from braces include having teeth that don’t align properly when your mouth is at rest; difficulty pronouncing certain sounds because of your tongue’s position in relation to your teeth, and difficulty brushing and flossing all the areas of your teeth. The best way to know whether braces are suitable for you is to see your orthodontist for a thorough assessment.

In children, the signs that orthodontic treatment may be an option include crooked or crowded teeth; mouth breathing; thumb-sucking past the age of two years old; clicking jaws; and being particularly prone to accidentally biting the tongue or inside of the cheek. If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your child, you might consider arranging an early assessment with your orthodontist.

When can you get braces?

In the case of orthodontics, early treatment is ideal but the ideal age for braces varies from case to case. If your child needs braces, treatment may begin when their permanent teeth have erupted. Often young patients get braces between the ages of nine and 14 years old for optimal results.

That said, it is never too late to get braces. More and more and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment.

Are there alternatives?

If you would prefer a more discreet alternative to traditional braces, you might consider ceramic braces. Ceramic braces work much like traditional braces but are made from clear materials rather than metal. While ceramic braces are less noticeable than traditional braces, they do require stricter oral hygiene habits to avoid stains and discolouration. They can be used to resolve a broad range of issues, and are a popular option for teenagers and adults.

Another discreet option, Invisalign involves the use of clear aligners to straighten the teeth. While Invisalign achieves some excellent results, it is important to note that it is not suitable for the treatment of all orthodontic issues. More complex problems are usually better resolved with braces, but if you have mild alignment concerns, clear aligners may an option for you.

Your orthodontist will explain the benefits of all the available treatment options and let you know which one is best for you.

How can we help?

At iSmile Orthodontics, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments, including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, functional appliances and Invisalign. If you’re not sure which treatment is best for you, we encourage you to come in and see us for a consultation so that we can assess your orthodontic needs and customise an appropriate treatment for you.

If you would like to find out more about the orthodontic options that we offer, please have a look here.

If you would like to come in and see us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here or give us a call on 9466 8484. We have three locations across Melbourne and have clinics in Bundoora, Mernda and Caroline Springs. Our team is professional and friendly and loves helping children, teenagers and adults all achieve great results. We use state-of-the-art technology, including 3D scanners and top-quality materials, which allows us to diagnose and resolve a broad range of issues.

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