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Do braces hurt?

Braces may cause mild discomfort at certain stages of treatment.

If you are considering braces, you might be wondering if the treatment is at all painful. While braces can cause some level of discomfort at certain stages of treatment, such as when they have first been placed and when they are tightened, the process does not cause considerable pain. Read on to find out more about what to expect from braces and what each stage involves…

Does it hurt to get braces?

The process of having braces attached to your teeth takes around an hour to complete. During this time, you should not feel any pain. During the fitting procedure, your orthodontist will place bands around your back molars, which may cause the sensation of pressure, but won’t hurt. Next, the brackets will be glued onto the surface of your teeth and connected with wires. These components will then be secured with elastic bands.

Although the process of having braces placed does not hurt, you may feel some pain after a few hours. This discomfort can last for around a week as it takes time to adjust to the pressure that the braces exert on your teeth. During your first week with braces, you may experience discomfort when you chew, as well as sores or cuts on the insides of your cheeks and tongue. If you are struggling with sores or cuts, your orthodontist may recommend that you use a soft wax. Wax creates a barrier between the inside of your mouth and your braces and helps to reduce the risk of rubbing.

Pain caused by new braces can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medications, but it is also helpful to eat soft and liquid foods while adjusting to your new braces. Choose options that don’t require too much chewing, such as soup, yoghurt and smoothies. As you get used to your braces, you can begin to introduce more foods into your diet, but be sure to avoid very hard and sticky foods throughout the course of your treatment — foods like popcorn, whole nuts and sticky candy can all cause damage to your braces.

Does it hurt when braces are tightened?

As part of your orthodontic treatment, you will need to see your orthodontist for regular adjustments. During these appointments, your orthodontist will tighten the wires, springs, or bands to increase the tension and ensure that sufficient pressure is being placed on the teeth.

It is completely normal to experience some soreness for a few days after you have had your braces tightened. This discomfort should resolve within a few days as you adjust to the feeling of increased pressure on your teeth.

Is it painful to have braces removed?

The process of having your braces removed does not cause any considerable pain. Your orthodontist will remove all of the components of your braces before giving your teeth a thorough clean. You will then be fitted with a retainer, which will help prevent your teeth from shifting back out of alignment.

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