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Daily Brace Care

So you’ve just had your braces fitted? Congratulations! Soon you’ll start to see the change to your bite as your braces gently move your teeth into a better alignment. Before you know it, your orthodontist will be removing them and you’ll have that perfect smile you always wanted. Until then, however, it is important that you look after your braces every day. When wearing your braces, you will need to have access to a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss at all times. We recommend packing a small kit which you can keep in your school or work bag so you always have the equipment with you.A portable mirror is also helpful for when you can’t get to a bathroom and want to make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your teeth. Your orthodontist can also provide you with wax which can be used if a bracket or wire is a little uncomfortable.

Here is a daily care plan to help you keep your teeth healthy and your braces clean.

Whether you typically brush your teeth before or after breakfast is a personal preference. When you’re wearing braces, however, we’d recommend after. That way you can be sure to dislodge any bits of breakfast which may be stuck around the metal brackets or wires. Always rinse well with mouthwash afterwards.

Few people brush their teeth after every meal, despite recommendations from dentists. However, it is essential you do this with braces. Carry a toothbrush with you so you can brush your teeth easily wherever you are. We also recommend carrying some dental floss or toothpicks so you can shift those stubborn pieces of food which get lodged. This is also where your portable mirror can be useful.

As with your lunch, it is important to brush your teeth after dinner as it is likely to be several hours before you go to bed. Get rid of any lingering food and rinse mouthwash around before you continue with your evening.

Bed Time
The final brush of the day needs to be really thorough so nothing is left trapped in your braces while you sleep. Floss carefully between each tooth and around the brackets to make sure everything is removed. Use antibacterial mouthwash to finish.

Brushing your teeth four times a day might sound extreme but it is necessary. The bristles dislodge food particles which could otherwise corrode the enamel. This is particularly important when you are wearing braces because it reduces the chance ofdiscolouration. However, it is often impossible to tell if any staining has occurred until the braces have been removed. To minimise the risk, brush regularly. It is also important to consider the enamel on your teeth which is not used to as much brushing. We recommend using a softer bristled brush than you may usually select to be more gentle on your exposed teeth.

After your braces were fitted, your orthodontist will have explained all of this to you and even demonstrated a good brushing technique with braces. For more information or personalised advice, please speak to your orthodontist.

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