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Children’s orthodontic issues

Would you like to know if your child is suffering from any abnormalities in their mouth?

The best way to find out is to bring your child to an orthodontist at age seven for a check-up. This will allow the orthodontist to discover any issues regarding your child’s teeth, jaw or facial irregularities.

Avoiding visiting an orthodontist because you think your child has no issues is not recommended, as some issues are not always immediately apparent. Further, the orthodontist can check out for issues relating to your child’s permanent teeth (adult teeth).

We will discuss all the most common orthodontic issues which children suffer from.

Common orthodontic issues for children


Crowding means there is not enough room for teeth to fit normally along your child’s jaw. This can be the result of a displaced or small jaw, dental trauma or irregular teeth sizes.

Crowded teeth can prevent good oral hygiene, and treatment such as partial braces can help bring teeth into place.

Abnormal Eruptions

Abnormal eruptions happen when a tooth begins emerging through the gum but is located in the wrong spot. Teeth which do not grow fully through or erupt abnormally can be extracted to prevent issues later on.

Too much space

Happens when either the teeth are too small relative to the jaw; or when teeth don’t grow at all or are lost too early.


The top teeth do not line up correctly and are positioned slightly behind the bottom teeth when the jaw closes, causing problems chewing and eating. Partial braces or rapid palatal expanders can be used to help treat crossbites in children.


Result of the lower teeth extending out further than the upper teeth, creating an underbite. Common causes are undergrowth of the upper jawbone, or overgrowth of the lower jawbone. The earlier this issue is diagnosed, the chances of simple intervention methods which help avoid chances of requiring jaw surgery to fix the underbite.


Result of the upper teeth extending way down past the lower teeth, basically completely covering them while the jaw is closed. This issue is referred to as a “deep bite” and can cause dental wear and discomfort. Overbites can also cause the lower teeth to bite the roof of the mouth causing discomfort.

Open bite

Open bites are caused when the front teeth do not close at all, while the back teeth are touching. This issue is caused by simple things such as thumb and pacifier sucking, tongue thrusting and jaw issues.

Increased Overjet

A type of overbite, but this time it’s caused by the front teeth being ahead of the lower teeth. Causes a horizontal gap between the front teeth. Increased overjet’s increase the chances of suffering tooth fractures.

It’s best to visit an orthodontist if you think your child is suffering any dental malocclusion’s and to follow the orthodontist’s advice on what treatments are recommended. Having your child’s dental issues treated earlier, reduces the chances of complex issues during their teen and adult life.

At iSmile Orthodontics located in Victoria, precisely in Bundoora, Mernda, and Caroline Springs; our team is passionate about helping all patients achieve their best dental hygiene. If you would like to know more about children’s orthodontics, or another orthodontic issue, or to book an appointment at iSmile Orthodontics, please click here.

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