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How 3D Technology Is Changing Orthodontics

There are new technological developments every day in the modern world. From advanced smartphones and the Internet of Things, hydrogen-powered cars to cutting edge medical treatments, science and technology is changing our world in countess ways. Orthodontics has also seen a dramatic, positive impact as a result of new technologies. 3D images, scanners and printers can now be used to make your orthodontic treatment faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

Firstly, 3D technologies are not entirely new to orthodontics but they were not widely accessible until more recently. Ever since Invisalign became available in the late 1990s, the practice of using machinery loaded with 3D images to make retainers has been an aspiration for all orthodontists. The most important advancement Invisalign offered was a highly accurate, highly personalised and much faster service which delivered better result to our patients.

3D Scanners
One of the first steps for any orthodontist is to gather images of the patient’s jaws and teeth. This is traditionally done using an x-ray. With new 3D scanners, however, orthodontists are able to achieve a far more accurate picture of your tooth placement. These images enable the orthodontist to understand your mouth better than ever before, devising a treatment which is specifically made just for you.

3D Printers
Beyond scanning capabilities, the technology used to gather images can go one step further. 3D printing is now possible for orthodontists and is most commonly used in the creation of retainers. Before this invention, it was a long and sometimes uncomfortable process to get a mould of your teeth. It would involve sitting for a length of time in order to obtain the imprints needed for the plaster moulds. Not only is the scanning process quick and easy, the moulds which are created are reusable because they are made from plastic, not plaster. This means every time you need a new retainer, you don’t have to go through the process of having one fitted. In fact, you don’t even need to make an appointment – just phone to tell us you’ve lost your retainer and we can get a new one made for you. This is available for all iSmile Orthodontic patients, not just those opting for Invisalign treatment.

More Options Than Ever
3D technology doesn’t just stop at providing orthodontists with an alternative way to gather photos of your teeth and creating your retainers. They can also be used to create crowns or for teeth restoration. Previously, these teeth were made by hand or by a generic machine. With 3D technology, each tooth is uniquely crafted to fit your mouth perfectly, without the costing you the world. They fit better, they’re made faster and they are possible thanks to 3D technological advancements in dentistry and orthodontics.

Are you soon starting your treatment at iSmile Orthodontics? We look forward to telling you more about our available 3D technologies and how they will make your treatment a faster, better and smoother experience. To find out more about how this new technology will be used in your upcoming treatment, ask your orthodontist. We look forward to welcoming you to iSmile Orthodontics very soon.

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